This blog is the beginning.  The beginning of a place where I share my thoughts and life of teaching English, where I share resources, where I communicate and collaborate. And also where I share fun things that I love - like books, random writings, beauty favorites, coffee, quotes, oatmeal flavors, and more!

After graduating from Miami University in 2012 with a bachelors in English Language Arts Education, I got a job in my hometown teaching 11th and 12th grade English to career tech students.  I am in my 3rd year at that school teaching English Language Arts to 9th graders.  I also coach varsity high school swimming in the winter and all ages swimming in the summer with my wonderful husband- Wade.  Amid teaching and coaching, I also am completing my masters degree in mild-moderate special education.  During my previous two years, I taught inclusion at the high school level and want to become a better teacher who has flexibility in job positions as well.  I love teaching English Language Arts though!

This blog title spurred out of my deep love for oatmeal.  My students and colleagues often look at me in disgust (or laughter) when I'm eating my oatmeal with fresh fruit each morning so that I am full and productive each day.  But the idea of oatmeal is more than just my love for the food-- its the idea that my life is full.  Full with teaching, students and athletes, love, family, friends, joy, and peace.

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