Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5 Things To Do In July To Get Ready For Back To School

It is July 1st, Ya'll!  I cannot believe that one month of summer is already over!  I know we all don't want to think about the countdown to the start of school and all the work that back to school in August brings.   Yet, there are a few things that we can be doing now to help get us ready for August.

1.  Have lunch with your colleagues

July is a great time to schedule a lunch, or a delicious brunch (my favorite meal!) with a colleage or two.  You have time in July to catch up, talk about vacations, fun Pinterest ideas, and whatever else you feel.  If you wait until August when you are back in the building, these types of conversations can be distrating and cause you to be less productive.  If you catch up over a delicious Greek salad or coffee and pie now, it will save you time during a busy season of school.   Plus, it's an excuse to eat pie- or whatever your vice may be :-)

Coffee is always a good option for catching up!
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2.  Finish reading that professional development book, deep cleaning that room, or other to-do list item

Now is the time to pull out that book that you ordered last May that you've been wanting to read, clean that closet you've been putting off, or organizing your Pinterest, and more.   Waiting until August - a very busy month for teachers, means you realistically won't get those things done. So stop procrastinating and do it! Really- stop reading and go takle that to do list! (Well, maybe finish this post first...) If you are looking for a professional development book, check out my list of must reads and to-be read soon professional books.

3.  Plan classroom organization ideas

While my last point was to get ya'll to quit procrastinating, I know some of you will still ignore it- so planning classroom organization ideas is a great way to procrastinate and be productive in July.  Start thinking about the problem areas of you classroom- mine is filing the handouts I use (they often are thrown in a giant pile that I neve organize) and a system for student information.   Earlier this summer, I organized my Pinterest (one of the best things I've done all summer) and now I'm able to find the things that I pin rather than sifting through 1,000s of pins.  I plan to start looking for solutions to my classroom problems and pinning them to the appropriate boards so that in August I can determine the best ways to go about organizing and preventing organizational issues in the fall.  

4.  Choose one thing to organize in your classroom this month 

Think about clearing the files in the back of the cabinet, planning a new system for classroom library check out, organizing your files on your flashdrive/ computer, etc.  It will just make life easier in August.  Trust me.

5.  Carve out relaxation time

With basically one month left of summer, make sure you enjoy it!  Sit by the pool and enjoy the sun (if you are in a part of the country lucky enough to get it-- its poured for the last week here!), have weekly game nights with family or friends, read a great book (note: Friday's post will be all about the great reads I discovered over break or you can also check out my reading list tab), or enjoy a great Nexflix's series.  I plan on starting Dr. Who soon.  My students told me I would love it.  I told them I would have to give it a try and I must be true to my word :) Below is a fun pin I found a while back to encourage binging on Netflix.

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