Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How To Organize Your Pinterest Education Boards

When one of my college friends introduced me to this site called "Pinterest" I had no idea the great wonder that the site would become in my life.  Three years later I found myself with 73 boards and over 3,000 pins.  What is even crazier is that I had almost 1,000 pins to a board entitled "Schoolie Stuff"!  All my teaching pins in one place, but I couldn't find anything because there was SO MUCH on this board.   Thus, "organize Pinterest boards" made its way to my summer to-do list.

First, I decided to organize my boards mostly by standards because I structure my classroom objectives around the standard(s) I want my students to learn.  This will make is much easier to find pins to help me lesson plan.   I create the following boards based on CCSS:

Note:  when re-organizing your pins, DO NOT "pin" them again.  Instead, create the boards you want.  Then, go into the old board.  Hit "Move Pins" in the upper right hand corner.  Click on pins to move to a specific board.  Click "Move."  Choose the board for the pin.   If you click "pin" it will just copy the pin to the new board, but not move it.   

After sorting through my pins and organizing them based on the standards, I realized that I had pins relating to several other different categories.  I created the following boards to hold those pins:  
I still had a lot of pins left relating to classroom management, organization, memes, and other goodies.  These pins all stayed in my original board which I renamed Classroom Fun: Memes, Organization, and More.   

I also made sure that my board were able to benefit other Pinterest users by:  
    • changing all board categories to "Education"
    • summarizing each board's content by writing a specific description in the box provided
    • choosing a cover that best fits the content in the board 
      • All of the above can be done by choosing the "edit board" button 
Lastly, I pulled these boards to the very top of my Pinterest page because my education boards are the ones I used most often- quickly followed by my cooking boards and workout boards.

Here is the finished product :)

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