Saturday, September 21, 2013

What are you teaching?

I stumbled across this video on Hello Giggles and felt that it was just too cute to share.  A great pick-me up after the long week!

This video not only made me giggle, but also made me question - what am I teaching?

I aim to teach my students reading skills, writing skills, and the other educational skills they need to make it in the workplace.  However, I strive to teach my students more than that.  I desire for each of my students to walk out of my room with:

1. A respect for others

In my classroom, students must treat each other with respect.  We often talk about what respect means and we apply that to the literature we read.  I want them to respect themselves and others (especially people who are not just like them).

2.  A wider view of life/the world

Living in a smaller town where most people have similar values, many of my students have been raised with a singular view point on life.  One of my big goals in my classroom is to show them that there are other ways of thinking and that not everyone HAS to agree.  Its ok to disagree. AND it is ok to respect the other person even if you disagree.  We read literature from around the world, watch videos on feminism, talk about book burnings, think about stereotypes we assume, etc.  This is probably my favorite part of teaching - expanding thinking :)

3.  Loving learning

My students walk into my room and say "I hate English/Reading" and from the moment those words form on their lips, my goal is to make them say "I love learning."  Students think English is about reading and writing, which is true.  But I hope to show them new information, ways to do things, and new ways to think.

What are you teaching your students???? Comment Below !

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