Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sometimes the best laid plans... a positive take on the last two weeks.

After a two week hiatus from blogging, I've returned.  The last few weeks have been incredibly crazy and I've struggled to keep my head a float.

  • My classes this year are full of phenomenal kids! I love how hard they are working and the amazing things that they come up with.  However, I am struggling with keeping up with them!  Lesson plans, grading diagnostic and formative assessments, and trying to keep up with the different ability levels are all kicking my tush to the curb.  
  • Sleep has become a favorite pastime that does not seem to happen as much as I want it too OR it happens for too long and I get very few things done.  
  • Personal life has become an emotional coaster and keeping my head strong has been a lot to hold on to.  
  • Fall open house happened this week and I met some amazing parents.... during the hottest day of the summer (we broke a record - 97 degrees on Sept. 11 - and my room is upstairs!) 
  • The intense heat last week made teaching and learning difficult for my students... BUT FALL IS FINALLY HERE! 
  • I ran my first Marathon Relay --- but woke up with a cold that morning.....
  • Amid the chaos ... there has been many positive things :) ...... 

Marathon Relay

Marathon Relay (minus one)... 

Wade preparing for his 3.4 mile leg of the relay ... bright and early at 5 am

I'm ready!!! 

Our relay - Running Rams 

Fall is finally here! 

I absolutely love fall!  The chilly weather, the sweaters and jeans, my favorite scarves and boots, and most of all - pumpkin flavored things!  LOVE 

First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year.  It's officially fall!

Fall also means ... FOOTBALL season :) My baby brother is growing up ... he is a big bad senior this year... I'm so proud of him to have done well in school and to be growing up, but it's going to be hard to realize how old this means I am....

Dad, Matthew Paul, and Mom at Senior/Parent Night

Fall also means coffee!!!!! Plus my birthday!
Wade is amazing and bought me a Keurig :) LOVE

I enjoyed the last days of summer in a convertible!  wooo!!

Wedding plans have began again.... below are the cupcakes for tasting... delicious!!! 


Throughout all of the busy, chaos of fall,  I've realized that sometimes it is ok to lay on the couch and watch a football game with the man and not work on school every waking moment.  It is ok to slow down and smell the roses and spend time with those you love.  I stumbled across this blog post from (in)courage this morning that reminded me that I'm not the only one who feels like their house exploded and makes random decisions that were not the best plan (like spilling blueberry juice on the floor or spilling coffee all over student work).  Sometimes the best laid plans.....

Coming soon... a post about some of the things I've been doing in my classroom to get my students engaged and on-task.  Plus I'll be linking up with M*Print this week with a post on working with an intervention specialist and being Better Together :)

- Best, K

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  1. I'm so excited that you're linking up! (And I am so relieved to hear that others are struggling to get into the swing of a new year.) We'll make it- we always do.


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