Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making Inferences

As my freshman have began their first unit on plot elements, I've realized many of them struggle to make inferences, especially inferences with support from the text.  So for our Fun Friday activity, we worked with inferences :)

Pintrest encouraged me to use pictures to model inferring as well as videos.  Below is the powerpoint I used.

Inference graphic organizer and activities from kmcclai2

After we went through this powerpoint and checked out the pictures first with students and I modeling inferences with support out loud, then students making inferences with supports on their own, we watched a wordless animation and students had to make inferences from the video.
The Literacy Shed has a whole "shed" dedicated to animations.  We used the 5th video down "Girl in the War" which not only requires students to make lots of inferences and identify plot elements, but it also is a great discussion video that allows you to analyze why the composer chose to do some of the visual elements -- we kept asking why did the author chose to do that? These videos are great! Check em out!

I am also thinking about using this video with my juniors to practice inferring at the beginning of our war unit. :)

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  1. Thanks! I'm working on inferences with my freshmen, too- so this has perfect timing for me!

    I'm hosting a teacher linky party, "Better Together," this week. I'd for you to join us!


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