Friday, September 20, 2013

High Five For Friday :)

I'm linkin up with Lauren Elizabeth for her High Five for Friday post this week!

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1. Dress Down Jeans Day TODAY!!! 

jeans + black top with beading: LOFT
watch : Liz Claborne (JCPenney clearance)
Woo!!!! I'm rockin' my new(ish) LOFT jeans.  Heck, yes.  So comfy and cute.  I am saddened though because we've had another heat spike here in the Ohio... and its going to be 81 today.  No boots for me!  Still rockin the cute sandals... I guess I should revel in it.  I love sandals.... well, maybe not today.. but usually.

2. I've found a new "system" for making dinner

Since school started, I've dreaded making food.  I come home from school and I'm exhausted.  Thus, I usually opt for the unhealthy, pre-packaged food for Wade and I for dinner.  I hate being unhealthy all the time.  And when I don't even want to do pre-packaged .. we eat out.... even more unhealthy... 
BUT, I had a revolution in my kitchen late Tuesday  evening.  I realized, that if I make our dinner... eat... and then cook the next day's meal so that all I have to do is heat it (crockpot, stove, oven, microwave) the next day-I will cook healthy things!  Its awesome!  I spend about the same amount of time cooking, but I'm not starving like I usually am when I make dinner the old-school way.  I kinda feel like what I'm doing with my kitchen could be compared to "flipping" a classroom --- it's the "flipped" kitchen :) 

3. Tomorrow.... Tomorrow... I love you... 

I'm getting a massage and my hair dyed/styled.  So excited for a mid-afternoon of relaxation!  Much needed after the chaos of life lately.  

P.S. : It seems that many of the blogs I'm reading have a general theme (as well as other teachers I talk with)... we are all tired and dealing with things in life that aren't easy.  I'm just glad to know that I have kindred souls who remind me that I'm not alone in my fried, mush brain syndrome I've been dealing with lately.  Maybe, we all need to carve out a little love time for ourselves.  
My new favorite hair spray

4. Birchbox love <3

I ordered my first Birchbox inspired purchase yesterday.  I just love this hairspray .... Meta Luxe Hair Spray by Serge Normant. It has amazing hold and kept my spiral curls in tact all day while teaching - with humidity in the air!  That never happens!  Its not the best on my flat ironed hair because it seems to sticky/stiff to run my fingers through, but its great for updos or curls!  Love!  

5.  My man :) 

My man cleaned- swept and did the dishes for me this week.  I came home from the longest day ever and he had cleaned.  That's why I love him!

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