Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tech Tuesday : Prezis and Memes

Earlier this summer, I was determined to include memes in my classroom this year.  See this glorious post dedicated to my meme blurbs. Well, I've done it folks....

My first day presentation was a crafty, fun structured Prezi that included memes :) Two technologies in one!  About half the memes were a find from Pintrest, but the other half were ones I created myself of Imgflip.com.

Side note: I found out that many meme generators are blocked on my school's network; however I found that Imgflip is not blocked on my school computers!  WOOO! My students are most definitely going to create memes using it later this year!  

I love Prezi.  Its is interactive and less linear (which my jumbled brain loves) and has beautiful ways to present! My students were engaged on the first day, and we didn't go through the boring syllabus (which bores me by the end of the day... and I HATED "Syllabus Day" in college... my favorite professors were the ones that gave me the syllabus to read and asked me to do activities... I felt that freshmen need the information reviewed; however, I did not want to read from a syllabus).

I even had a student raise his hand half way though the presentation and tell me that I am now his favorite teacher because I used memes.  Gotta love Freshmen :)

On a fun note: I spent most of my day chatting with Freshman about conflict, plot structure, and fabulous movies!  I love when students make connections with things they love and English!  We even had a conversation about how Titanic is basically every conflict possible in one.... love <3. Plus we watched a clip from Aladdin.  It was a good day!

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