Friday, August 2, 2013

Phew.... One Busy Week

One day this past week as I lay in bed unable to sleep, I realized that I have less than 3 weeks until I officially go back to school--- this realization caused me to almost have a panic attack.  I realized I have so many things to get done-- unpacking my new classroom, placing P.O.s and organizing the P.O. classroom materials once I get them,  creating two new syllabi and a fun way to introduce classroom rules and procedures to students, lesson plans (for a whole new prep and a prep I'm recreating)... and the list goes on.

I've been in school almost every day this week unpacking my boxes of stuff, moving old German textbooks to the recycling (my school, sadly, cut the German program this past year and I have moved to the German room upstairs in the English hallway to be with my fellow bookworms), painting bookshelves, and cleaning the dust.  I'm very excited because the room is beginning to look like mine -- color everywhere and new blinds to shade my room from some of the glorious sunshine (!!! my old room was windowless and now I have a whole wall of window-- I'm stoked!) that the wonderful maintenance crew are installing (p.s. newbies- make friends with the custodians and maintenance crews because they will be your life savers) and re-arranging all the furniture to fit my teaching style.

I'll have pictures up before school starts with all the fun organizational features and color :)

This crazy slightly stressful week has ended well -- with a delicious new recipe with the fiancé and a realization that I will be getting married exactly one year from today, August 2 :)
So in light of that glorious realization, I thought to share some of my favorite wedding ideas that are in the process of becoming my own wedding:

enchanted romance:

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If you liked these items, the links to all of them and more wedding bliss can be found at my Pintrest board Love and Marriage and for many educational ideas (as well as many of my inspirations for my classroom this year .. see my link on the left to follow me on Pintrest!) 

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