Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Favorite School Supplies and a Freebie

I love the smell of new school supplies.  Crisp, clean, with a hint of crayon.  Wonderful.  Each year, the bundle of school supplies fall onto the shelves of my favorite shopping centers, and I become a full-fledged nerd.  I want to buy all the planners, highlighters, book covers, and more.  I spend hours in the aisles of the Back to School Section.

Because of this love for school supplies, this morning I am going to share with you the five most helpful/ lovely school supplies that every teacher needs!

1. Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens, Assorted : These pens kick butt!  They are fabulous for grading because they stand out on the page more than a ballpoint pen, but they don't bleed through your pages.  They come in a million fun colors.  They are like sharpies, but better.  Fabulous purchase here.  Last year, I went cheap and only bough the 6 pack and I regretted it.  This year I went big... so I didn't have to go home.

2. Cardstock: This is Astrobright colors from Staples; however, any bright card stock would do.  I love cardstock.  I has so many possibilities.  I make bookmarks with reading schedules on it.  It makes a great binder cover because it slides down the front easily.  You can use it as a binder divider.  And it's bright... so you can't miss it!

3.  Various Binder Clips: The creator of binder clips had to have been a person on the verge of a mental breakdown.  The clips have been my life savor most days--- in all their various sizes.  They clip little stacks of papers, big stacks of papers. And they don't let those little papers fly away.  They hold your bangs back when you are going crazy during 6th period.   Binder clips are coveted in my building- our office ran out of them before spring break this year, so you want your own little stash of them to save your sanity to the end of the year.

4. Desk Calendar : While this calendar is not the most colorfully/aesthetically pleasing, it is wonderful.  I had it last year and bought another one of for this year.  It has great tabs in the corners of it that keep the calendar in its place, and it's great because you can put notes in the tabs and they don't fly away.

5. Highlighter:  I love highlighters.  I believe that these highlighters from Sharpie are the best around. The are long lasting and vibrant; however, any highlighters work.  I love highlighting as I read and I use highlighters in my classroom with my students to keep them focused as they work.  I often highlight as I grade and more.

This week, I created my own Teachers Pay Teachers store.  In light of that exciting fact, I'm sharing my first product for free:

Get To Know You Activity- Englishbook 2013-2014

An icebreaker activity for your English Language Arts classroom. Set up like Facebook, but entitled "englishbook". Get to know your students likes, goals for the year, family, and educational preferences plus have them give you a self portrait!

enjoy getting your classrooms ready for your students, my loves! 

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