Monday, July 22, 2013

The Beginnings

For months, I have wanted to being a blog where I share my life-- mostly my teaching life, but also my  life outside of the classroom, with fellow colleagues.  I've made excuses like "I've only finished my first year - I'm not qualified" or "I just don't have time for that" since the end of the school year.  And tonight as I sat in my living room strewn with my life of the last 8 weeks - graduate class notes, tortilla chips, curriculum materials, summer swim line ups, and my fianc√©'s Nascar lineups for this week's pick (more on that later!), I was reading an email from NCLE's SmartBrief bi-weekly newsletter (sign up for your own newsletter and find great resources, professional development, and education news- it's seriously one of my favorite resources! National Center for Literacy Education: SmartBrief Sign Up) and found this article about reflecting through blogging.

This article smacked my tired butt into shape.  During the last month, my graduate class on 21st Century learning has been pushing me to find ways to integrate technology, communication, collaboration, reflecting, and composing into my students lives in a real way.  How can I sit and preach to my students this fall about each of these things and require them to blog using a Wikispace, yet I refuse to begin my own blog using those same skills???? I realized that if I did not sit down and begin this blog now, it would not happen (or would take until Christmas break before I talked myself into it!)

My goal is to become a better teacher through this blog whether that is through reflecting or collaboration with colleagues or many other possibilities!  This is the beginnings of a new way to learning and thinking!  I'm excited for this journey of meandering and wandering into the land of blogging!

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