Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Map My Run

It's Tuesday!  Each Tuesday, I'm sharing a tech device, app, website, etc that I find helpful.  Most-likely it will be education related; however, this week's is loosely related to education.
I have realized that balance is extremely important in the life of a teacher.  I could easily get up super early to go into school to grade or prep and then teach all day and come home and grade late into the night.  I also could spend all of my long days interacting with people - from teachers, to students, to friends, and even at home with Wade.  I realized late into the school year last year that my body cannot handle all that time "going" and not taking time to myself.  When school ended this year, I decided to begin the habit of running while I had a little extra time to develop it; and I've really enjoyed it!  Not only is it great time to myself, but I also find myself sleeping better at night and less stressed.  I hope that I continue to integrate it into my schedule once the school year starts!

heeeeee :) so true!
MapMyRun App (and website)

MapMyRun is a website/ iPhone app that I love to use during running!  You can map routes on the website and as you run the GPS will track your runs and give you up to date paces for each mile.  The app even gives you the option to set goals and have a virtual coach keep you on track during your run. I've not used this feature yet, but I hope to use it soonThe app also allows you to play music (or Pandora.... Country Fitness is a favorite station of mine!).  One flaw of the app is that the GPS is not always accurate, so I've had to map out my runs before beginning and use the app more for a pace knowledge (i.e., how long my run is and how fast I run each mile). The app (and website) allow you to track your nutrition for the day -- so it's a great weight loss/maintenance tool as well! The website includes ways to find 5k, half-marathons, and more in your area.  Overall, its an app that I enjoy using as I run.

For fun I've included some favorite running items (and items I wish I had - like that running jacket by Puma and those Hogwarts shorts.. more for lounging and reading about Ron and Harry than for actual running, but I had to include them!) :

NIKE / Yummie Tummie / Puma logo sportswear / 80s fashion, $23 / Reebok sportswear / Bebe / New Balance light weight running shoes / Yoga headband / Beats by Dr.Dre Powerbeats Headphones / Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle

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