Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five For Friday !!!!!!!

It's Friday, ya'll.  I know as a teacher Friday's in the summer are not as exciting as they are during the school year, but they must still be celebrated!  I am linking up with one of my favorite blogs - The Small Things Blog and her sister's blog Lauren Elizabeth for my first ever High Five for Friday!

1. Amid my training for a marathon relay that I'm only running the two mile leg in - I finally made it up the hill next to my house on both my loops around the neighborhood.  I'm so proud of myself!  I'm never walking up that hill again!

2.  This weekend, Wade and I are taking 3 kids up to the Spire Institute for USA Swimming summer champs and watching them compete.  Then we are heading to an Indian's game!  I'm more excited about the hotdogs and fireworks than I am about the baseball.  I do appreciate the live game more than watching it on television though!  Side note: until this past May, I thought I hated baseball - my only baseball experience was my 8th birthday at an Indian's game where it poured and I froze my little 8 year old tush off!  Here I am in May learning to appreciate the game:

Let's hope tomorrow's game goes just as well!

3. I'm starting to clean and move into my new classroom!!  I'm moving into the old German room, so I must move all the old textbooks to recycling and deep clean that room!  My friend Laura and I are going in to sweat and clean today.  I promise to post pictures of the awesome room once it's set up!  I'll have windows unlike my old room! 

4.  One more week of graduate classes!! One week = 10 page paper, peer review, editing a digital unit plan, reflections, and a final. Then I have a two week break and I start again!  I love learning, but man, is it time consuming.

5. My first ever BirtchBox will be here soon! I'm so excited for all the things to try :) 

What's your High Five for Friday??? Link up with Lauren's blog below or share in the comments!  

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